so fed up of everything i am constantly unsatisfied with life. i get upset and angry over the most ridiculous of things and eventually push everyone away. i am a horrible daughter, horrible sister, horrible friend and mostly a horrible person. i hate that this is the person i have become. i hate that this fucked up person is the person i am and will be forever. 

Anonymous asked: “I don't know you personally, but what I do know is that you're absolutely beautiful and deserve to be happy. Stay strong beautiful xx”

i really am the fartest thing from beautiful seriously i am discusting. but thank you you make sure you do xx

i hate how i never feel good enough, i hate being covered in fat and looking disgusting in everything i wear and even when i wear nothing. i am fed up with having to throw up whenever i eat so i dont look any more of a fucking wreck. i hate myself! i hate myself!

-shadowsgirl asked: “Ehi lo so, non parliamo la stessa lingua ma.. Volevo dirti che, anche se in modo strano, ti voglio bene e vorrei tanto abbracciarti . Un saluto da una persona lontana da te, ti reputo una mia amica :) e .. Amo il tuo blog .”

hey io non so se questo funzionerà come im utilizzando Google Translate, ma ho letto il tuo messaggio e sono davvero grato per il vostro messaggio. vi ringrazio tanto vi auguro il meglio ti amo! abbracci, ho seguito il tuo blog! x

Anonymous asked: “Hi, you don't know me, but I'm worried about you, can I help?”

thank you, but don’t worry x